Friday, 26 September 2014

Frustrations !

Yes, I'm feeling seriously frustrated... but not sexually frustrated (in case you were wondering). 

First, I had hoped to have my latest story out by now, but my editor wants me to make some changes to bring a little more credibility into the storyline.  Normally I'd be quite prepared to take a deep breath and have it published anyway - elsewhere if need be - but the arguments presented to me were so convincing that I had to bow to the pressure.  This means it has been ages since I've had anything new to offer on this page.  But please rest assured that I'm still beavering away with the intention of getting this out just as soon as I can.

Second, to add to my frustration, I entertained some of my in-laws a couple months back.  They created such havoc in my mind while they were guests in our house that my Muse upped and fled without any warning.  When I finally persuaded our house-guests they should be thinking about returning home - their cat would be missing them, I said - they finally took the hint.  But it took several days before Muse returned and I started writing again.  THEN - at the instigation of my erstwhile house-guests - another bunch of relations decided to invite themselves round, as they'd heard I'd given the first group such a great time while they were here.  Needless to say, Muse went up to the roof and stayed there.   My husband and I now have the house to ourselves once more, and I am gradually trying to coax Muse back down again with bars of chocolate.

I hope to get back here in two or three weeks' time to announce the final delivery of the next story, which has the working title of The Love Nest.

Best to everyone,

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