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Needing Her, Needing Him - Author's Notes

This is the second in the series "Lucy & Friends", and is a sequel to "Jack and Me... and His Lodger". I must tell you that I had to do a fair amount of research in preparation for this book as it covered a field that I wasn't totally familiar with - relationships between lesbians and bisexuals, and issues such as jealousy that might arise when the bisexual partner wants to "play away" from home with someone of the opposite gender.

Lucy and Angela are lovers and live together; Lucy has a bisexual orientation and Angela is a full-on lesbian. When Lucy meets Ross, an old boyfriend, she hankers to re-establish her close relationship with him. An opportunity arises that could enable her to have the best of both worlds, but it involves subterfuge, and deceiving Angela in a selfish move that threatens to undermine the foundations of their love.

Lucy wants Ross for sex games; he is her willing submissive, and they plan regular meetings to have wild sex together, including pegging and light BDSM.

Ross is interested in a permanent relationship with her, but Lucy doesn't want to risk damaging her close bond with her lover. Can she ever persuade Angela to accept her need to continue seeing Ross? How is she going to achieve this, and still preserve the love that the two women have for each other?


“What had you planned to do during this Easter vacation?” Ross asked me.
“I was going to sit back and recharge my batteries. Anyway, you haven’t told me what your book was going to be about. When we spoke about it on the telephone, you said I’d have to wait and you’d tell me today.”
“It’s going to be an historical novel.”
“Who’s the hero? Or what’s the subject?”
“The hero is unnamed as yet. He travelled all over England in the 13th century, creating frescoes in cathedrals and abbeys. He returned to each place, time and time again, to retouch or expand on his works. And he has a girl – or two – in each town. The church doesn’t like it, of course, but he gets away with it.”
“You know, Lucy, I think there’s something of a male version of you in that story.”
“And, come to think of it, you are one of the best people around to help me in my research, with the historical details I need for the background.”
“I’d do whatever I can. I expect others have written similar tales about medieval artists.”
“But this is going to be different. There’s a twist to the story. My artist – he’s not a monk or a priest – finds a tiny chamber off the monks’ dormitory in each abbey he visits, and designs some erotic frescoes for the walls; the monks can go in there to give themselves sexual relief, inspired by the pictures, and he calls it an onanarium. It’s a word I made up.”
“It sounds like a place to store onans. What are they?”
“No, silly. Think bible and think....”
“Oh. After that Onan...?”
“Got it. The thought of writing about a bunch of guys pleasuring themselves – while looking at medieval pornography – is going to give my own imagination a lot of sexual pleasure and amusement.”
“Does the man in your book go to convents, too? Will he be painting pictures to gratify the nuns?”
“Yes, and I think that’s going to be where he gets unstuck. The Mother Superior finds out, and... oh, I haven’t got that far in the planning yet.”
“I can see this affair never got into the history books, because the church was too embarrassed and would have kept it quiet. That’s very good, Lucy.”
“Now, are you ready to get started again? You want some role play this time?”
“You’ll have to get me hard again. And it might take some work, after the climax I’ve just had.”
“The pleasure will be all mine. But I’m going to have to peg you. Is that O.K.?”

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