Monday, 2 September 2013

Working Overtime : a prequel to Interview For Love - Author's Notes.

After a short break from writing about romance in law firms to pen the Maybourne sequence, we're back again on my favorite subject: love affairs in legal practices.

Sandra is a horny young woman on a mission. One reader commented to me that she thought Sandra was more of a slut than anything else - but, believe me, she (and her behaviour) was based on a real person I knew - although, mercifully, I never had to work with her. Anyway, when Sandra starts her new dream job as a secretary at a big city law firm, she falls for a good-looking paralegal.

But her boss has designs on her; he wants her all to himself. He starts to flex his power by manipulating her relationship with her boyfriend; their careers are balanced in his hands, and she is forced to comply with his demands to satisfy his personal needs by offering herself to him whilst working overtime.

How can Sandra get herself out of this situation and devote herself to loving her paralegal boyfriend? And how can she escape the dominance of her boss without ruining her boyfriend's career?


Next morning, Saturday, I went to the office and decided to wear a pair of stockings under a denim skirt. I wanted to see if David would have the same reaction to them as Gary had. I knew men were all different, and had a variety of obsessions and fetishes. I needed to see which buttons I should press to arouse David. As an afterthought, just as I was leaving my bedroom, I turned back and removed my underwear.
He was waiting by my desk, as he had done the previous Saturday.
“Good morning, Sandra,” he smiled. I sat down in my chair and he leaned over to explain the task that he wanted me to do. And he wanted to look down my cleavage. “I’ve got some files here that need checking; the contents may not be complete, and you will need to make a note of whatever appears to be missing. I estimate that this should take you all morning. There are lawyers and clients around for meetings today, so I’ve booked the Quiet Room for you. You won’t be disturbed there. Except by me. O.K.?”
“That’s fine,” I said.
I reached for the files, to take them from him, but he said “That’s all right, Sandra. I’ll take them up for you. I need to check the room anyway.”
We stopped off at the kitchen to grab ourselves a cup of coffee each, and then made our way to the Quiet Room; predictably, he locked the door behind him and put the files on the table. I lifted my foot on to a chair to expose my thigh, to see whether he would like my stockings.
“Oh, God, Sandra, you know how to get to a man, don’t you?” he said.
“Are you horny so soon?” I smiled, hoping that I might gain control of our situation today.
“Yes, of course I am.” He sat down in a low armchair.
“Do you want me to help you get it out of your system, and then I can start on the documents?”
“That would be good. Can I see you without your skirt?
I unclipped it and let it drop to the floor.

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