Tuesday, 10 September 2013

September 2013 Update: Planning for Change...

Hello again!

Regular visitors to this site may notice that I'm gradually changing the cover designs for most of my books. Please let me know if you like them... or if you prefer the old designs. Indie authors like me are constantly being reminded that we have to take a more active role in our own marketing, and getting new cover designs is just part of the picture. As if we don't have enough time writing new stories!

I've been doing some planning to make some other changes but they will have to come at a slower pace as I have a lot of new words to get down - my Muse is getting impatient with me because I'm not typing fast enough. And some of the changes will have an impact on this website.

When time permits, I want to put out a weekly (illustrated!) serial and maybe some short stories here, just to whet the appetite of new readers. I'm still planning the opening episodes of the serial in odd moments, but I hope to have the first of the short stories out next week.

Secondly, I'll be changing the links in the right-hand column, but very slowly - each link will go to a free first chapter of the story listed, with links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo and whoever else. I want to get my words out there!

Finally, I'm currently half-way through writing a new story in the Law Firm Love series - no, I don't have a title yet. But I'm planning on making it the standard 30,000-word length as all the others. I'm keen to get this out as fast as I can, since I've spent far, far too long writing in the fetish erotica genre, in my guise as C.P. Waterman. My roots are in erotic romance, and I need to get active back here once more.

Any questions? No? Good. Now I can get back to writing Chapter 4....



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