Friday, 6 September 2013

One Man Too Many - Author's Notes

This story is another than breaks away from the law firm romance sub-genre that I've been writing - the heroine here is a recruitment consultant. I wanted to put her into a job where she might meet some strange and "interesting" people....

Here's the outline of the story:

After a short and unhappy marriage, Mandy has finally left her husband and is offered refuge by her cousin. She quickly finds a new place to live, a great new job, and... a gorgeous new boyfriend with whom she can have the kind of intimate relationship she could never enjoy with her husband.

Anxious to expand her contacts in her new job, she is invited to a meeting of a group of influential business people whose sexual tastes are more adventurous than her new boyfriend can offer. One contact wants her for his new Domme...

Excited by these activities, she is faced with the choice of staying with her loving but conventional boyfriend or exploring new avenues with her business contact; she can't have both.


Jake stood, and pulled up his jeans and buckled himself together. He turned and help me unstrap myself. “I could get a hard on, just looking at you with that dildo,” he smiled. “And those stockings... Wow!”
I stepped back into my skirt again, and turned to Jake. “What happens now? Do these people just carry on doing this all night in here?”
“No. A bell will ring in a minute. That’s a five minute warning for everyone to finish. Then drinks are served and we mingle. That’s when I introduce you to a few people here. Then, in another thirty minutes, the bell sounds again and everyone pairs off again, but this time into private rooms upstairs.”
“I’m curious; I always associate BDSM with handcuffs, bondage and other physical stuff. I don’t see any of that here tonight.”
“That happens later, upstairs. Or, for those people who want a dungeon environment, there are four rooms in the cellar downstairs.”
Gradually, people began to uncouple themselves from their activities; collars were removed, and those who were completely naked put on trousers or dresses to make themselves more presentable for the social portion of the occasion; they didn’t bother with underwear, as they would be undressing again for the final - private - part.
The bell sounded; the steward and his assistant brought in drinks - there was a choice of white wine, orange juice or water - and Jake introduced me to about a dozen people. He explained what I did; most of them asked me for my business card, with the promise that they might be in touch if they heard of any useful possibilities in their own business networks.
“How do you feel now?” Jake asked when we had a private moment in our corner of the room.
“It’s all been very strange. But what I did to you” -
“It’s called pegging.”
“- that was fantastic. I felt just like a man, poking my husband.”
“You don’t feel ready to join me upstairs for some more yet, I imagine.”
“No, Jake. But this is a whole new world to me, and I don’t regret coming. And thank you for the invitation.”
“You’re very welcome, my dear. And, as a memento of the occasion, you can take this home with you. I’ll settle up with the steward later.” He handed the strap-on to me.
“I’m not sure....”
“Come on, Mandy. You found it therapeutic, didn’t you? You could wear it again, around the house. Even if you don’t use it with anyone, it might make you feel good.”
I took it. “I really must be going home soon.”
“I’ll order a cab and come to your station with you. Will I ever have the chance to bring you here again?”
“I don’t know, Jake....”
“I’m looking for a new lady to partner me. Someone whom I can serve. You’d fit the bill very nicely.”
“I’ll think about it.”
“No pressure. I’ll give you a call later in the week.”


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