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The New Client - Author's Notes

When I was working for a large practice - many years ago now - we had a client from California who visited us in London on a regular basis and used our office as a base to conduct his business, since his firm (a medium-sized bank) didn't have a presence in Europe. Whenever he came, I assigned a secretary to look after him for the two or three weeks he would be with us. Naturally, I'd bill him for her salary while he was over here. And - confession time here! - whenever he was away from the office, visiting his own clients, if the secretary I had given him wasn't busy, I could always find some work for her to do on a pro-bono project we might be working on. So everybody won! The client never knew about this arrangement, and I don't think he even suspected. I certainly don't think his firm - generous people - would have cared.

I used this scenario for The New Client - but, in this case, the hormones in some of my characters were allowed to go a little out of control!

Now for the storyline:

Jenny, a secretary at an international law firm in London, is assigned to look after a new special client from New York who quickly becomes attracted to her. The client soon makes it clear that he wants her to do more than type his letters and update his spreadsheets; he has personal, demanding needs that only she can satisfy. She is under pressure from her senior lawyer boss, who insists that she does everything that the client asks of her.

But she has fallen hopelessly in love with his assistant, a gorgeous man who had a significant place in her distant past.

How can she spend time with the client's assistant, who reciprocates her love?

How can she escape the attentions of the client, a wealthy industrialist, without compromising the law firm that she works for?

And when a female executive arrives with private demands of her own, how can she cope?


Within an hour, I was knocking on the door of Val’s room. She let me in and I looked round to absorb the feeling of the room, how it compared with the Quiet Room we had used, and what changes might have to be made to our routine. There was plenty of space, with the double bed in the far wall, and a large desk and chair on one side by the window.
“Thanks for coming, Jenny,” she said.
Sam walked in from the bathroom. “Yes. Thanks very much.”
“Who’s going first?”
“Me,” said Val. Can we do it on my bed? Will that be O.K.?”
“Face down,” I said. “I’m coming in from behind.”
“I’m sitting down over here,” Sam said, from an upright chair near the bathroom. He had his back to us. “I won’t be watching this. And Val won’t be watching me when it’s my turn.”
I was busy putting on my strap-on under my skirt.
“Right. Let’s begin,” I said.
Val stood facing me, by the bed. I shifted straight into the role-play.
“You’ve been a wicked woman, Val. First of all, you’re going to have to suck me. Get on your knees!”
I was surprised at the speed with which she obeyed me. She looked at the bulge, poking forward under my skirt.
“Take it! And suck it! Hard!”
I pulled faces as men do, when they are enjoying their women giving them fellatio. And I made appropriate ecstatic noises.
After a few minutes, I pulled away. “That’s enough! Now, you horrible bitch, you’ve made me horny! You’re going to have to pleasure me!”
Still kneeling, Val reached for the tube of lube, which had been placed ready on the bed. She applied it and went through the motions of rubbing my plastic toy.
“Oh! That’s good! Rub me all over, Val! Yes! I like it when you do that!” And again, I pulled the excruciating faces to give some semblance of extreme pleasure.
Then I stopped her, and we went into the final routine.
“O.K., Val, I’ve had enough. You've got me worked up now, I want your body. Get on the bed. Now!”


To some people it may seem improbable to have a member of a firm’s staff assigned to a single client on a permanent basis – and in situ, on the firm’s premises – but I can assure you that it often happens. However, they don't often fall in love! Who’s to say that it couldn’t happen?

That's all for now - but I have plenty more to write here again soon.


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