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Snatched - Author's Notes

This was my first venture that tentatively approached a BDSM theme; I really wanted to explore the subject of humiliation in a sexual setting. There are other authors who are experts in the field of BDSM and, being a nice shy girl, I didn't want to venture too far here. But, as things turned out, the story turned out to be one of my best sellers and I was persuaded to write a sequel - more details below.

Here's the outline of the story:

Julia Bennett works for a prestigious international law firm in London. On her way to meet her boyfriend after work one evening, something happens which threatens to change her entire life. She faces a nightmare of humiliation, and is subjected to some harsh treatment by a group of sexual deviants who think she is someone else; when her identity is established, her contrite captor falls for her and attempts to make amends for her appalling treatment.

But, when the police catch these criminals, her problems are far from over. Can she live a normal life again? Will her boyfriend's love for her still be strong enough, knowing that she is "soiled goods"?

And what about the woman who was the criminal gang's real target?


The floor was carpeted, and the room was heated, unlike the cold reception hall downstairs. I had no idea whether there was anyone else in the room; indeed, the blindfold was so thick I had no idea if the chamber was lit.
I lay on the floor, crying, for five minutes. Then I thought I might get to my feet and walk round to determine the size of the chamber, and to check whether I was alone; there might be other people here, either guards or other prisoners.
I steadily rose to my feet, and made my first uncertain steps.
“All right, boys. Let’s do it!” A male voice yelled past my ear.
His command was met by loud cheering from other men in the room.
When I first entered this place, I was bewildered. But now I was even more confused. They had remained quiet when I had been thrown into this place, had watched me naked, exposed and defenceless, and had observed my stumbling around.
Hands touched me now. I was being pulled towards one side, and lifted on to the cold surface of a table. I was made to lie on my back, and their hands pulled at my ankles, forcing my legs wide apart. I gritted my teeth, preparing myself for the ordeal of gang rape.
But it didn’t happen.
I heard them undressing; they were undoing their belts and pulling their pants down.
“Remember, boys, no touching... anywhere!”
The steel handcuffs pressed into my back as I lay on the table. I moved my arms so that the cuffs were at the side of my body, but I was still very uncomfortable. Then I heard muffled sounds, and couldn’t understand what was going on. I lay still.
After a couple of minutes, I heard one man groan and, in an instant, I felt warm fluid drip on my body. He was ejaculating over me. And another ecstatic moan came from the other side of the table, and my arm was splashed with his semen. The steward of this place had promised me humiliation. But I had no idea I would be debased in this shameful way.
When the fourth man had reached his orgasm, I didn’t bother to count any more. So I never knew how many of them were in the room, enjoying their perversion over my body. While the later ones were still spurting themselves at me, the earlier people were getting dressed again and leaving the room.
At length, there was only one man left, standing at the foot of the table, still holding my ankles apart. He evidently hadn’t joined in this wankfest.
I heard approaching footsteps as someone else came into the room. He walked towards the head of the table, and pulled off my blindfold.
It was the steward.
“Don’t look at me, Ms. Bennett. Look at your body. This is just the first part of your humiliation. There’s a lot worse to come, when my master arrives. I bid you goodnight.”


And, in case you want more after you've read this, I wrote a sequel called No Way Out that might interest you….

That's all for today!


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